Your Complete Guide To Buying A New Door

Your Complete Guide To Buying A New Door

There are many ways you can freshen up the look of your home without having to face a huge renovation. Installing a new exterior door is a quick and easy way to update the appearance of a front entrance and welcome visitors with style. 

Updating interior doors in your home also creates a nice modern feel. With so many great options on the market, it’s important to know what to look for when shopping for doors.

Door Types

A current trend is the primed solid shaker style door, which is very versatile as there are many panel configurations available. We recommend choosing a door that fits your budget, style and maintenance needs. If you are replacing exterior front doors, you will likely need to choose between paint grade or stain grade doors.

Stain-grade doors are higher quality, (and higher-price

Buying a New Door

d) wood with a rougher and more authentic, natural wood surface. They also require annual maintenance and regular care to keep them looking good, as they can be affected by the elements. (sun, wind, rain) and regular use and abuse.

Typically, paint-grade front doors are made of smooth, flat wood made with lower quality materials and painted with latex paint that hides the natural grain. They tend to be more budget-friendly but require less ongoing maintenance than stain-grade doors.

Freshen it Up 

If you want a more affordable option, painting a door is a great way to make a door look new again but you will want to know what kind of paint to use before starting. (ie. is primer needed, latex-based paint or stain.) There are lots of great colour options but white is a popular choice for interior doors. For front doors, consider the colours outside your home for inspiration. Blend the door colour into its surroundings or go bold and pick a contrasting pop of colour for some curb appeal. 

Made to Measure

An important rule of thumb, ensure you measure accurately and order the right size. Standard door widths are anywhere from 14 to 36 inches wide and for accessibility entrances, 38 inches wide. Standard door heights are 78”, 80”, 84”, 90”, and 96”, but custom door sizes are available.

Don’t forget the Jamb

Doors can come pre-hung in a frame (called a jamb) or they can be hung on site. They can be hung inside an existing jamb/frame or a new one can be installed if the jamb is in poor condition. If you need a new door jamb/frame, you will need to confirm wall thickness. As a standard, most wall thicknesses are 4/9/16”.

Keep in mind that jambs/frames made of wood last longer than mdf – a medium density fibreboard that isn’t as durable over time. 

Door Features to Keep in Mind

Before buying a door, know which way the door should swing (right or left) and what colour you want the hinges if you have a preference. Sometimes just installing new door handles can give an old door the modern update it needs.

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