Things to Consider When Redesigning Your Staircase

Top 5 Things to Consider When Redesigning Your Staircase

As the desire for home renovations continues, your attention may have turned to your stairways and railings as the next project. If you find yourself wondering how to update an existing staircase, give these five considerations some thought before starting:

Home Improvement Project Budget

Upgrading a staircase can take many forms, from repainting the existing frame to a complete staircase redesign. To keep your project on track from beginning to end, consider your budget before you begin. 

For those with a small budget, painting existing spindles is not only trendy but cost-effective, as is stripping and refinishing or adding newel posts. 

For those with more spending room, replacing old spindles with a new style may be more desirable.

Ensuring Safety Is Key

Consider the members of your household and what materials will be safest.

Staircase Redesign

Hardwood treads are not ideal for children, pets or the elderly due to slipping dangers. However, adding a carpet runner to wood stairs is a great way to mitigate a fall and create a cozy feel. 

If your staircase is carpet grade, adding solid wood stair caps stained to match your hardwood is an efficient and attractive update that keeps safety in mind. Under-tread lighting can also be added for better visibility and ambiance. 

Design and Staircase Ideas

There are several ways to upgrade your staircase to create a look that’s on-trend. Consider the layout of the stairs and what changes will be required to obtain the look you want.  

A curved rail can be stripped down and refinished rather than attempting a costly redesign. 

Spindles and posts can also be replaced while keeping the integrity of the original construction intact.

Options For Materials 

Consider what materials you may require for your renovation. Depending on the current style of your staircase, there are many trendy options available. 

Plain square spindles or black metal, for example, do well painted white. 

An updated carpet runner or full broadloom in a hard-wearing material may be more desirable for safety and warmth. 

DIY or Hire a Professional?

At some point, you may decide the project is too large to do yourself. Know your limitations and hire a professional if your goal is a structural staircase redesign.

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  1. I thought it was interesting when you mentioned that it is a good idea to hire a professional if you are planning for a structural staircase redesign. My wife and I want to widen the entryway in our home and that would probably include widening our staircase. The current staircase will probably have to be removed, so we are definitely going to have to contact a contractor that can do this for us.