Providing consultation on projects of all sizes

Why Come In For a Consultation?

Expert Advice

Our team of experts are equipped to answer all of your questions and to offer comprehensive advice backed by years of experience. Whether you’re a contractor, a new homebuyer, or a DIYer, we can help to guide you in the right direction.


Need a quote for your new mouldings, doors, porch railings, or pillars? The Royal Wood Shop has you covered. We provide honest and reliable quoting that will help you to stay within your project budget. For large builds or renovations, we also offer on-site quoting to determine exactly what you’ll need.

Transparent Delivery Predictions

We know you’re busy and respect honesty. That’s why we never over promise and under deliver. With your project timeline in mind, we’ll be transparent when it comes to delivery schedules and special order fulfillment.

Call us at 905-727-1387 or come in-store to discuss your project with us. We’re happy to help!