Premium Grade Dressed Boards Kiln Dried 6-8%

Our lumber is durable, smooth, and ready to be used for a variety of construction and home renovation projects

The Royal Wood Shop has a large inventory of lumber products in stock and ready to ship in Toronto and throughout the GTA. Contact us today to learn more about our lumber products!

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We carry many different sizes of kiln dried dimensional lumber boards, including:

  • Poplar boards, White Oak boards, Red Oak boards, Maple boards, Walnut boards and Mdf boards
  • board thicknesses come in 1/4″  1/2″  3/4″  1-1/4″ and 1-5/8 
  • board widths come in 3/4″  1-1/2″  2″  2-1/2″  3-1/2″  4-5/8″  5-1/2″  7-1/4″  9-1/4″  and 11-1/4″

various sizes and dimensions of poplar boards

grey barn board

grey barn board

 1″ x 8″ Grey Barn Board Sun Aged for 2 years

Full Inch thick x eight-inch widths.

This unique White Pine is Kiln dried before and after the aging process to ensure maximum straightness.    Lengths are random linear feet 6′ – 16′ long and are readily available for pick up or delivery. 

This material has been kiln dried, then aged in the sun for two years so it turns a natural grey colour, then put back into the kiln so it is bug free, and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.  

1x10 pine boards

1×10 pine boards

1×10 Shed Pine

7/8″ x 9-1/4″  Shed Pine boards are rough on one side and smooth on the other to accommodate various projects including board and batten siding.  This material is air dried only.