Doing our part to protect the environment
Environmental Commitment
Doing our part to protect the environment
Environmental Commitment

Our Environmental Commitment

California Phase 2 Compliant

Our MDF mouldings and dimensional lumber is phase 2 California compliant. This means that our products contain no formaldehyde – a carcinogen that is harmful to breathe when cutting and installing product.

FSC Certification

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) ensures lumber comes from responsibly managed forests that meet strict environmental and social standards. The application process and FSC certification by lumber mills validates their dedication towards good forest management. The majority of our lumber mill suppliers have FSC certification on their lumber, and most products available that are not certified can be certified by request. Royal Woodworking has plans to become fully FSC certified on all product lines in the near future.

Sustainable Forest Management

Wood is an extremely valuable and renewable natural resource. In North America, sustainability is a prerequisite if you want to harvest lumber. American and Canadian governments have adopted several stringent sustainability laws and regulations to manage and respect the growth and preservation of our natural resources.  

Over the past 50 years, net forest growth has exceeded forest removals. In Canada, less than one half of one percent of the managed forest is harvested annually, and the law requires all areas to be promptly regenerated. Canada has 91% of its original forest cover, more than any other country.

Trees create more oxygen when growing than when they are mature. Therefore, by removing lumber and allowing it to regenerate we are helping to clean the air we all breathe. By re-purposing trees, we are also helping to lock in and contain CO2.

Manufacturer Green Program Produces Zero Waste

Alexandria Moulding’s Royal Woodworking plant in Bradford has a strategy called Zero Waste, which ensures that all discarded materials are recycled or reused. All wood shavings, are sold to King Cole Duck farm and used as bedding for the birds. Small wood scraps are put through a wood grinder
called a “hog” and added to the bags of shavings, as are any cardboard pieces not used as packaging.

The company pays a recycling firm, Paper Savers of the Town of Markham, to pick up its remaining paper waste, shred it and recycle it. The steel straps are given away for recycling to a local auto-wrecking company. Wood scraps of any substantial size are sold as kindling at the wood shop and at local campgrounds. There are no chemicals in the wood and they are all solid, kiln-dried pieces that burn easily.