Benefits of Exterior and Interior Columns for Your Home

Benefits of Exterior and Interior Columns for Your Home

Adding any structural or decorative architectural elements can make a home stand out. From the façade through the interior, adding the perfect set of columns can complement a house’s style and can be an easy way to increase its appeal and property value. 

The column is still one of the best architectural features to use when updating or building a home. Here are some of the benefits of interior and exterior columns to consider when you are thinking of factoring them into your home design. 

Interior Columns or Exterior Columns: You Can Have Both

Benefits of Interior Columns:

There are also many design benefits that columns can bring to any home, such as:

  • Decorative support for furnishings
  • Increase class and elegance 
  • Multiple visual options, they can beg painted or stained as redecorating needs come up

There is no limit to how columns can be used and in fact, any style you are working with can employ columns. Styles ranging from modern to rustic, round or square, or Greek to craftsman, if your heart is set on columns The Royal Wood Shop can help choose the perfect design for you.

Column Entryway

Benefits of using Exterior Columns: 

Aside from being structural support and a great replacement option for deteriorated or unattractive front posts, exterior columns can beautifully transform the front porch or entrance of your home. Increasing the curb appeal of a home by adding columns is an easy way to add to its value. Adding the classic touch of exterior columns will give a home a distinct character and make a positive first impression with new visitors.

Another great benefit to exterior columns is the fact that there are now materials that are low-maintenance and last a lifetime, so you never have to worry about replacing damaged columns or repainting faded finishes. 

The best way to pick which column is perfect for your front porch is to view the fully finished gallery and completed projects. Here at The Royal Wood Shop, we offer a large selection of finished visuals in order to help you choose which column styles and materials are right for your home’s front porch.

Square Vs. Round Columns

Depending on how you would like the interior of your home to look there may be multiple options for you to choose from.

If you are looking to add columns to a more contemporary home with modern finishes, then the best option would be to use square columns (fun fact: square columns are our most popular column!) Square columns can assist with structural support as they serve as a divider between rooms without using walls. 

When using round columns we usually recommend adding them to more classic styles such as Greek or Roman. The traditional style that comes along with round columns makes the perfect addition to any entranceway. 

For any questions about interior or exterior columns, or if you would like assistance with acquiring materials for your home redesign needs, feel free to drop by our store or contact us today!