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5 Interior Trim Design Ideas That Add Style to a Home

Looking for new ways to add style and interest to your home? Trim can make all the difference.


From floor to ceiling and everywhere in between, trim, mouldings, mantels, and trussing can add interest and amp up your interior design. Don’t feel limited by traditional baseboards, take a look at these trim design ideas for inspiration for your home.

Embrace Modern Design 

Tie your interior design elements together with the details and features that stand out. Combine rustic wood trussing with engineered wood floors and clean trim and moulding styles to create the perfect modern interior.

Exposed trussing can add an architectural feel, while also calling attention to the neighbouring design elements, like window trim work and door mouldings.

Trussing that’s stained darker than the surrounding walls can lead the eye upward, highlighting high vaulted ceilings.

Add Elegance & Detail 

Say goodbye to plain walls with subtly coffered picture mouldings designs. Consider how much time you spend going up and down the stairs.

Why not add some unique and thoughtful detailing to frame the space and add eye-catching detail? That touch of elegance is all you need to make the journey up and down the stairs a pleasure. 

Coffered ceilings add dimensionality to your home, mirroring your attention to detail on the ceiling. Traditional and complex, coffered ceilings add a sense of luxury that truly sets your home apart. 


Crown moulding is also a classic choice to provide a separation between your walls and ceiling, seamlessly transforming your rooms. By combining different trims, like baseboard, beadboard, and cove you can adorn your rooms with something unique to you and your design aesthetic. 

Add a Focal Point 

A fireplace, either functional or faux, is a beautiful addition to any home. Make it a focal point for your room with a classic and traditional mantle with custom trim and millwork that defines your interior style. With straight and simple lines, a traditional fireplace can accent your style, tying your room together. Or, take your fireplace to the next level with the second set of Greek revival columns, making your mantel an opulent conversation piece. 

Be Bold

Bold trim and moulding choices can make an impression. Adding visual interest and complexity to your home, striking trim and moulding painted

tone-on-tone adds dimension to an entryway, offering guests the feeling of crossing through to something exceptional.

Bold designs are confident and assured, making a statement that you value the time and skill it takes for true craftsmanship.

Consider painting your trim and moulding a bold colour, like black to really make an impact and set your entryway apart.

Simple and Classic

Add character and visual interest around doors with elegant trim choices that highlight your entryways and closets. Although this trim work and baseboard may look simple, clean lines and linear elements help to highlight doors and feature walls. 

Elegant and thoughtfully chosen trim can also elongate your windows and doors, making ceilings seem higher. If your room or hallway already has an abundance of detail, opting for the simpler solution might be the way to go.
Visualizing how your interior design features will work together can be a challenging process. Royal Wood Shop can help bring your vision to life. 

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