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What are Shaker Doors and Why Your Home Needs Them

What Are Shaker Doors and Cabinets?

‘Shaker’ doors and cabinets are a simple yet sophisticated design option when it comes to choosing your kitchen finishings.

With a very minimalistic look, shaker cabinets and doors tend to be the style that is currently most popular, although it has been used for quite some time. 

What Does Shaker Style Look Like?

The design is a simple square indent, surrounded by a smooth sleek finish with a single handle.

Because of the modern design, shaker cabinets and doors have been a staple of the 21st-century kitchen. This is because they are very easy to create and customize, which allows for a practical design with great longevity value.

What Are Shaker Doors and Cabinets Made Of?

Usually, they’re made of MDF (medium-density fibreboard) and painted with 2pack (the same polyurethane paint that’s used on cars).  

The indent creates a problem because the spray paint builds up in the corners and it needs to be sanded. This defect stands out even more on a high gloss finish.     

Although this is a problem that’s easily rectified, it’s still more time-consuming than painting many other styles of doors. An alternative Shaker door product is a vinyl wrap or thermofoil doors, but usually this second tier to the polyurethane finish. 

Shaker Door Examples

Solid timber doors are the original way to build shaker doors and cabinets, although this material is not typically used anymore because of its bulky design and high price. 

How to Update Your Shaker Doors?

Even though shaker cabinets are traditional, they are also versatile. Here are some unique ways to make your shaker cabinets work with your kitchen:

  • Opt For Two-Tone: For a modern, clean look to your kitchen, opt for two-toned cabinets. Add shaker cabinets throughout your kitchen with a dark green or navy for your lower cabinets, and white or even glass face cabinets for the upper ones.
  • Add Some Paint: Adding paint to your shaker cabinets can take it to the next level and give your kitchen plenty of personality. From a bright yellow to pastel pink, adding colour will give your cabinets a modern look and feel.
  • Add Different Hardware: The shaker community was known for its simple and effective design with basic hardware. Keeping with tradition, add basic hardware to your shaker cabinets like sleek chrome or simple wood.
  • Take Out The Colour: Create the illusion of a bigger, lighter space by going with white shaker cabinets in your kitchen. This enduring style is a timeless option for any kitchen and will work well in almost every room.

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