The Royal Wood Shop Pitches in to Help Aurora United Church

The Royal wood shop pitches in to help aurora united church

April 14, 2014

Dear Donna,

I was stuck last Monday morning, trying to coordinate donation offers of numerous desks, chairs, filing cabinets and bookcases for the Aurora United Church’s interim office, following Friday’s disastrous fire, but with only open bed pickups available for transportation and with threatening weather.

After trying other possibilities without success I called the Mayor’s office. Within half an hour came word of your generous offer to donate the use of the Royal Wood Shop’s covered delivery truck and drive, Mike.

The upshot was that not only the truck and driver, but also a very helpful and strong young assistant were made available at our convenience. This was exactly the right sized vehicle and help that we needed. With their assistance we made the furniture pickup and delivery such that the interim office was essentially furnished by Monday evening, in time for the network/phones to be installed.

Thank you Donna for your generosity in loaning not only the truck but also two staff. Please pass on our appreciation to them both.

We of AUC continue to feel blessed at the warm support, good will, and help with which Aurora surrounds us during these difficult times.

Thanks and best regards,

John Clement
Volunteer Interim Facilities Coordinator
Aurora United Church