How Fireplace Mouldings Can Frame Your Home & Inspire Your Life

How Fireplace Mouldings Can Frame Your Home & Inspire Your Life

They’re the statement pieces that breathe as the true lungs and heart of your home. As a main gathering point where your loved ones can cozy up, read a book, unwrap presents, watch a movie, or enjoy a holiday meal, there’s nothing quite like the flickering flames of a fireplace in your home.

Unfortunately, some builders don’t pay mind to the importance of the classic rules of balance, proportion, and sophistication when it comes to adding a fireplace or mouldings to a home’s layout. Instead, they may simply install the simple trim or electric unit and leave the rest for you to figure out.

At The Royal Wood Shop, we consider a forgotten fireplace a real tragedy, but also the ultimate opportunity for homeowners to revitalize the feel of their entire living room, bedroom, dining room, or home.

Here’s how:

Updating Your Home With Fireplace Mouldings

If you are looking to enhance your fireplace, the answer can be found in stunning trim and mouldings. Mouldings, we would argue, are one of the few things, that when added to your fireplace, have the potential for immediate reward.

It’s true! In just a few short hours, your home can become a work of art with wainscot paneling, chair rails, mantel trim, and so much more.

By using a variety of complimentary moulding profiles and styles, the upgrades you have the potential to see in your home will be nothing short of spectacular.

The Aesthetic Benefits of Mouldings

Deep cut moulding profiles can add high-end detail and shadow lines to the look of your previously outdated fireplace. We carry a large selection of Mouldings, dimensional lumber, corbels and sheet stock to build your own masterpiece.

The Right Kind of Mouldings 

At the Royal Wood Shop, we only use premium lumber that has been kiln-dried to 6 – 8 % moisture content from maximum stability. We have stock long lengths up to 16 feet, allowing for you to customize the look and feel of your mouldings, and we have the ability to ship all over the GTA.

Restoring An Old Fireplace 

If you are restoring a classic fireplace back to its original look, you will need to have some or all of the millwork reproduced. At The Royal Wood Shop, we make this process easy and possible. With 220 profiles in stock in many species, we’re able to consult with you on your unique project and to customize the fireplace design you’ve been dreaming of. 

In fact, if for any reason the specific shape you are looking for is not in stock, we’ll search our large database to find something that works perfectly for you. 

Other Ways To Enhance Your Fireplace 

Looking to add even more sophistication or character to your fireplace? Why not create a decorative fireplace mantel or wall panelling to your evolving room? 

In addition, consider accent pieces such as books, photo frames, and garlands to place on top. By using your fireplace as a shelf, you’re not only unlocking greater functionality, but it can also serve as a design piece to feature art and knick-knacks. 

For inspiration and ideas, be sure to head over to Houzz or Pinterest! 

Contact Us 

At The Royal Wood Shop, we can help to bring your design ideas to life in your home. Visit us today to begin building the fireplace that will warm the hearts and bodies of your loved ones for years to come. 

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