Give Your Home a Facelift

Give your home a face-lift

Looking for an easy way to spruce up the living room? Here are some helpful hints on how to do just that.

Baseboards & Door Casings

Take a look at your baseboards and door casings. You may find, like many people who have replaced the mouldings in new homes, that they’re too small.

If you decide to replace the casing and baseboard, it can be done relatively easily.

On the other hand, if your casing and baseboard are fine the way they are, you might want to consider adding crown moulding or a chair rail.

Crown Moulding

A crown moulding is a type of trim that spans the corner between a wall and ceiling, whereas a chair rail is a type of trim that runs across a wall at the desired height.

A chair rail is often used to separate different types of wallpaper or different colours of paint; this is called wainscotting.


Other types of wainscotting include using wooden panelling across the bottom of a wall or using moulding to make small squares or rectangles giving the look of recessed panels.


There are also many other ways, such as adding a decorative fireplace mantel or ceiling medallion, to improve on a room that you find plain.

Achieve a new look in your decor that you will enjoy for many years.