Add Sizzle To Your Space

Add Sizzle To Your Space

Homeowners are looking for that extra something to make their homes stand out. Many are discovering the answer is in the trimmings – the interior trim details that turn basic rooms into spaces that sizzle.

Buyers shopping for new homes gravitate to models that builders have dressed up with wider door and window casing, deeper baseboards, crown moulding, chair rails, ceiling medallions and other elegant trimmings. You can have the same decadent look in your home, at a price that’s right.

Crown moulding is a popular choice to quickly transform a room from ho-hum to luxurious, because it can be added without re-configuring any other elements. Crown creates an illusion of height and length. To enrich the look of a room crown moulding should not overpower it. Interior designers usually advise that you select the width of crown based on the height of the ceiling, usually a maximum of 1″ of depth for each foot of ceiling height.

In the last few years, chair rail, along with other types of trim such as wainscotting have surged back into homes as a design element. Chair rails have a decorative and practical function. Applied to a wall roughly 32″ from the floor, they are a beautiful accent to any room, running horizontally to form a wainscot look, while also protecting the wall from scuffs and dents.

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