Solid wood interior doors that carry unmatched beauty and elegance
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Solid wood doors carry unmatched beauty and elegance

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Solid Wood Interior Doors With Unmatched Beauty & Elegance

The Royal Wood Shop carries over 100 styles of solid wood interior doors in stock and ready to ship in Toronto and throughout the GTA. Browse our massive interior door product catalogue! Can’t find a product in our catalogue?

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This style is very popular in many sub-division homes. The textured wood skin is good at hiding dirt and scuffs, and makes painting easy. Moulded panel doors are made from a high density wood composite outer skin, and wood sticking around the outer edges. The core is either mostly hollow, or it can be filled with recycled and formaldehyde free wood composites to make a heavy solid core door. Solid core doors are called pro-core doors and offer better sound reduction between rooms.

Interior Doors
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What Are These Doors Made Out Of?

  1. Moulded panel construction is made from a one piece high density fibreboard.  The surface is smooth or textured with a wood grain. They can have a hollow core and a solid press board core.
  2. Solid wood engineered style and rail are made from finger jointed Pine and Douglas Fir and have MDF panels.  There is a high density fiberboard skin on the style and rails to offer a superior painted finish.  Our in stock shaker doors and barn doors are made from this type of construction.
  3. Stain grade solid wood doors are made from traditional style and rail components and available in a wide variety of solid wood species.
  4. Stain grade engineered doors are made from engineered style and rail components and have a stain-able wood veneer on the surface.
  5. French doors include anything with glass, and available in modern and traditional designs.  Many customers prefer glass that allow light through but you cannot see through the glass. The most popular is diffused white laminate glass as it is smooth on both sides for easy cleaning.

How Long Do These Doors Take To Order?       

Lead times on interior doors can vary depending on the style you choose.  Many solid shaker and hollow core doors are in stock, and others are on a quick ship program.  Quick ship doors only take about 5-10 days to arrive.

Do They Come Primed Ready For Paint or Raw?

Typically all paint grade doors come primed unless it is custom made to your spec. Contact us to learn more about our doors!