In stock you will find 1/4″ 1/2″ & 3/4″ thick 4′ X 8′ sheets of Flat-Cut Veneers in ply and particle core, as well as flexible rolled up veneers. Stock species include Oak, Maple, Cherry, Pine, Paint-Grade, MDF, Crezone, Melamine, Wiggle-wood, and Baltic Birch.  Marine Grade plywood and Walnut sheet goods are currently special order items only.  We will cut sheets to fit into your vehicle but we do not sell half sheets.

Oak Superior Grade Flat Cut
1/8″ SHF-1/8RO-1V G1S veneer core
1/4″ SHF-1/4RO-1V G1S veneer core
1/2″ SHF-1/2RO-2P G Sound particle core
3/4″ SHF-3/4RO-2P G Sound particle core
3/4″ SHF-3/4RO-2V G Sound veneer core
Baltic Birch (5’x5′ Engineered Ply Core)
1/8″ SHF-1/8BB G Sound veneer core
1/4″ SHF-1/4BB G Sound veneer core
1/2″ SHF-1/2BB G Sound veneer core
5/9″ SHF-5/8BB G Sound veneer core
3/4″ SHF-3/4BB G Sound veneer core
Paint Grade Maple/Birch
1/2″ SHF-1/2PG-1V G1S veneer core
3/4″ SHF-3/4PG-1V G1S veneer core
MDF Premium Ultra Light Weight
1/4″ SHF-1/4MDF medium density fibreboard
1/2″ SHF-1/2MDF medium density fibreboard
3/4″ SHF-3/4MDF medium density fibreboard
3/4″ SHF-3/4EXTIRA medium density fibreboard
Maple AB Rotary
1/4″ SHF-1/4HM-1P G1S particle core
1/2″ SHF-1/2HM-2P G Sound particle core
3/4″ SHF-3/4HM-2P G Sound particle core
3/4″ SHF-3/4HM-2V G Sound veneer core
Bead Board – Deep Cut Profile
3/8″ SHF-3/8PMDF-2SB Primed 2″o.c. Std. Bead
3/8″ SHF-3/8PMDF-3VG Primed 3″o.c. V-Joint
Flexible Paper Back Veneer
12″ x 96 ” Oak, Maple, Birch
12″ x 96″ Walnut & Cherry
12″ x 96″ Mahogany & Pine
24″ x 96″ Oak
24″ x 96″ Maple
48″ x 96″ Oak
48: x 96″ Maple
Exterior Sheets
1/2″ SHF-1/2EXTIRA Exterior MDF
3/4″ SHF-3/4EXTIRA Exterior MDF
Melamine W400 / 120 Gram
3/4″ SHF-3/4ME-HRM Hardrock Maple
5/8″ SHF-5/8ME-W White particle core
3/4″ SHF-3/4ME-W White particle core
Wiggle Wood / Snake Ply (cross grain)
11/32″ SHF-11/32WW-CG veneer core
Shelving White Melamine (8′ edge banded)
12″ SHELVING-12 particle core
16″ SHELVING-16 particle core