Restoring Century Homes – Classic Millwork Reproduction & Custom Mouldings

 If you are restoring a heritage home back to its classic look there is a good chance you will need to have some or all of the millwork reproduced. Over time with wear and tear and many coats of paint, the mouldings lose their aesthetic appeal. Replicating the wood mouldings will give you a fresh and crisp look and keep the same look of the house, as it was 100 years ago.

With so many old homes being restored, custom made mouldings is a large part of our business. Over the past 30 years we have kept and catalogued every moulding we have reproduced. There are over 10,000 profiles in our database. In cases where we do not have existing tooling for your specific moulding, we can make the tooling you require to have the mouldings manufactured.

Our typical lead-time on a custom moulding is 2 weeks. Our lumber is based on a random foot program and we cannot guarantee specified lengths, however we can do the best we can with the lumber we have to get the lengths you require. All we need is a small sample of the moulding that you would like to have replicated.

If you are planning on painting your trimwork we recommend using American Poplar. Poplar is a cost-effective hardwood that offers superior durability and paints very easily. If you are staining the wood then there are many options available. Typical species used are Red Oak, White Oak, Quarter Sawn White Oak, Hard White Maple, Black Cherry, American Poplar, Ontario White Pine (clear and knotty), Clear Western Red Cedar, Banac Mahogany, and African Mahogany. All of our wood mouldings are made from only top quality lumber that is kiln dried furniture grade, and milled from new machinery at our facility in Bradford, ON