Hardwood Flooring

A healthy choice if you have dust allergies

Hardwood Flooring – A healthy choice if you have dust allergies

One of the most common allergies these days is dust. A study in England showed that 10 per cent of the general population, and 90 per cent of people with allergic asthma, are allergic to dust mites. In the U.S., studies indicated that at least 45 per cent of young Americans with asthma are allergic to house dust.

Suffering from a dust allergy can be very frustrating, especially when dust occurs naturally in our homes on virtually every surface we touch. If you have carpet in your home, dust can be even more of a problem for your allergies, because carpet fibres trap dust and the tiny, microscopic dust mites. These remain unseen and can’t always be removed during vacuuming.

What’s a good alternative? Hardwood- It’s a hard-surface floor and doesn’t trap dust fibres and dust mites that can set off your allergies. It’s also a timeless classic that adds value to your home. When you have a dust allergy, you need to vacuum or dust every week or as dust becomes visible. Hardwood floors are easy to care for with simple vacuuming or dust mopping…

If you are allergic to dust, fight it where you can see it, on hardwood floors.

– News Canada