Curved and Flexible Moulding






Flexible baseboards, chair-railings, quarter rounds, and many more decorative mouldings are kept in stock in a poly-Eurothane product. The profiles match our existing stock line. Our flexible mouldings are great for interior and exterior applications, and are stainable and paintable. Our Flexible Moulding glues, cuts, and paints just like real wood.  If you want to stain the poly flex mould to look like wood, it is recommended to have the moulding flexed to the curve you need prior to applying the stain.  The stain that yields best results is a Gel Stain.  There are a variety of Gel stains available on hand. 

Curved mouldings for curved window casings and crown mouldings are made to order and sometimes they require a template to make them. Species include MDF, Pine, Poplar, Oak, Maple.  Curved Nosings, Thresholds, and Stair Tread Covers are also done on a special order basis. 


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